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My CV has the following headings that I have been Make-up, Hair or Tech-FX Designer for:

-Music Artist/bands: For Music Video, performance, Interviews
-Celebrities,Presenters, Designers,VIPS
-Magazines my work has featured in
-Music Videos & Music related jobs
-Advertising Campaigns (Print/Internet/display)
-Viral, TV, Film Commercials
-Further History in TV adverts
-TV Programmes / Documentaries
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(Make-up & Hair Designer, &/or made bespoke tech-effect costume):
Anna Calvi, kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Florence & The Machine, Katy Perry, Scott Walker, Jamie T,The Corteenas, The Ramona Flowers, The Kaiser Chiefs, Wild Beasts ,Sting, The Specials, Holly Cook, Goldfrapp, Hero Fisher, Kate Nash, Bat For Lashes, Stealing Sheep, Sylver Tongue, cold Specks, Little Boots, Ladyhawke, Lady Sovereign, The Hoosiers, The Guillemots, The Filthy Dukes, Metronomy, Micheal Buble & Indina Menzel, The Thrills, Hortlax Cobra, Cooly G, The Mummers, Crazy P, Chris Brown/Justin Bieber, The Gin Riots, The Light house Family, A-Ha, Jeff Wayne, Kele Le Roc, Shola Ama, Keisha White, Aqua Lung, Ladyfuzz, Do Me Bad Things, Eilidh Forster, Ayah Marar, Leon Jean Marie, Sissi, Julia Johnson, 2 For Joy, Sub Focus, Pixie Geldof, Venom, Skindred, Napalm Death, Young guns, The Treatment, Temi Doll Face, Hudsen Taylor, White Lies.


(Hair, make-up for film, adverts & film Junkets):
Harriet Walter, Faye Marsay, Saoirse Ronan, Abigail Thaw, Amanda Abbington, Louise Brealey, Sheila Hancock, Dawn French, Lynda Baron, Adjoa Andoh, Honeysuckle Weeks, Fiona Button, Mariah Gale.Connie Nielsen from the Gladiator, Michelle Austin,Tasmin Outhwaite, Michelle
Ryan, The Eastender cast (BBC promo),
Martin Freeman, Rowan Atkinson, Matthew Macfadyen from the film Frost Nixon, Ralph Fiennes, Jean Reno, Christopher Lee, Tobias Menzies, Thomas Hardiman, elliot Cowan, David Mitchell, & Robert Web, Alan Carr, Mackenzie Crook, Noel Fielding Nick Moran, Bill Nighy, Jonny Vegas, Mark Heap, Simon Callow, Geoffrey Palmer, Nicholas Farrell, Steffan Rhodri, Jeff Rawle, Rupert Graves, Neil dudgeon, Nathaniel Parker, Rupert Young, Geoffry Streatfeild, Sam Kelly. Director Justin Chadwick ('The other Boleyn Girl') Director Joe Wright & various cast of 'The Atonement', Nick Park & Steve Box (Wallace & Gromit).


(That I have done hair & make-up for, &/or tailor made tech-effect costume for):
Ranulph Fiennes, Zandra Rhodes, Katharine Hamnett, Jonathan Ross & Jane Goldman, Myleene Klass, Kelly Osbourne, Ruby Wax, Sarah Cox, Dermot O'Leary, Denise Van Outen, Jayne Sharpe, John Frieda.


(Make-up, Hair & Tech-effect costume):
Teen Vogue, Italian Vogue, Tatler, Another Magazine, Super Super, Dazed & Confused, Zoo, Wallpaper, Fashion 125, Amika, Sleaze Nation, NME, Uncut, Clash, Guardian Weekend, Telegraph Fashion, Telegraph's Stella Magazine, Riders, Paris Match Magazine, Elle Decoration, Happy Magazine, Grazia, The Scotsman, Flux Magazine, GQ, Touch, Syntax, Lodown, Cosmopolitan, Saturday Express Fashion, Weekend Daily Mail, Fashion Line, Fashion Weekly, (Past Beauty Editor of Asian Woman, Random & Viya).


I have regularly done the hair & make-up for Anna Calvi, Ladyhawke, Sylver Tongue, Kate Nash, Lady Sovereign, & other artists for TV performances such as the Album Chart Show, Transmission, MTV & E4 & various press/magazine shoots.

2015: Januray ‘Stealing Sheep’. Video ‘Not Real’
2014: ‘Wild Beasts’ Video ‘Palace’
2014: ‘Micheal Buble & Indina Menzel’ Video ‘Baby Its Cold Outside’
2013: Hero Fisher - Video 'No Ceremony'
2013: Katy Perry. Video: ‘Unconditionally’
2011: November: ‘Ladyhawke’ performance at the 100 Club.
2011: September: ‘Florence & The Machine’ Mask commission for the Alexander McQueen Exhibition.
2011: September: ‘Anna Calvi’ Mercury Awards
2011: August: ‘Anna Calvi’ Music video ‘Suzanne & I’
2011: August:’Cooly G’ Press shots
2011: July: ‘Anna Calvi’ Filming for the Mercury Awards
2011: July: ‘The Mummers’ Music video ‘Cherry Heart’
2011: June: ‘Ladyhawke’ Press shoot
2011: June: ‘Chris Brown’ & ‘Justin Bieber’ Music Video: “Next To You’ Wigs & Costumes for Dancers.
2011: May: ‘Skidred’ Music Promo
2011: May: ‘Anna Calvi”: Music Video ‘Desire’
2011: April: ‘Ayah Marar’ Press shoot
2011: April: ‘Anna Calvi’: Jools Holland Later Show
2011: March: ‘Skindred’ Music promo
2011: February: Anna Calvi-Music Video “Blackout’ Make-Up/Hair Designer NTSH
2010: October: 'Eilidh Forster' feather wing headdress for her Album cover.
2010: August:'Hooligan night' featuring Ruby Blues. Music Video 'Ded Ex' Make-up & hair designer. Director: Annick Wolfers
2010: June: 'Horlax cobra' Brass cobra helmet mask made for John, from Peter, Bjorn & John.
2010: February: 'Julia Johnson' music Video 'Atlas' Make-up, Hair, Special FX & Tech-FX costume designer. Director: Annick Wolfers
2010: 'kylie minogue' Half face Swarovski crystal masks for her 2010 Official Calendar shot & styled by William Baker.
2009 Dec: 'The Corteenas' Music video: 'You over Did It Girl'. Special FX & Body Painting Make-up. Director: David Edwards
2009 May: 'Kylie Minogue' Half face Swarovski crystal masks for photo shoots & performances.
2009 April: 'Bat for Lashes' Hair mane costume piece for performance on BBC Later show, with Jools Holland.
2009 April: 'Little Boots' provided crystal mask I made for press & album cover shoot.
2009 March: 'Kid Bass' The video 'Good Girls' Make-up Designer Draw Pictures. Director: David Allain.
2009 February: 'Lady Sovereign' The video 'So Human' Video. Make-up Designer Draw Pictures. Director: David Allain.
2009 January: 'The Specials' for Uncut Magazine. Make-up & grooming. Photographer: Dean Chalkley.
2008 'The Gin Riots' The Video 'The Polka' Directed by George A Romero.
2008 October: 'The Hoosiers' Tech-effect costume, making space helmets for Tour.
2008 September: 'Ladyhawke' The video 'My Delirium' Make-up & hair designer. Partizan Lab director Frater.
2008 August: 'Goldfrapp' pom pom prop for Tour.
2008 August: 'filthy Dukes' shoot for NME Magazine. Make-up, hair & Tech-effect costume & props. Photographer: Dean Chalkley.
2008 August: 'The Kaiser Chiefs' for 'Never Miss A Beat' Video. Mask making. Draw Pictures. Directed by Good times.
2008 July: On Travelling Tour with 'Kate Nash'. Make-up designer.
2008 June: 'Goldfrapp' made antlers for the Goldfrapp Tour.
2008 May: 'Ladyhawke' Video 'Paris is Burning' Make-up Designer. Love productions.
2008 February: 'Ladyhawke' Video 'Back of The Van' Make-up Designer. Partizan. Director: Kinga Burza.
2008 January: 'The Guillemots' The Video 'Get over it'Tech-effect costume & make-up for the two cat woman. Directed by MC Lord Magrao.
2007 December: 'Goldfrapp' The Video 'A &E' Tech-effect log man costume. Blink. Directed by Dougal Wilson.
2007 December: 'Metronomy' Video 'Radio Ladio' make-up & hair designer & body painting. Partizan.
2007 October: 'Leon Jean Marie' The Video 'Bed of Nails' Make-up & Hair designer & tech-effect costume masks.
2007 November: 'Kate Nash', Video 'Pumpkin Soup' make-up designer for Kate Nash and tech-effect costume for the 4 cats. Partizan. Director: Kinga Burza.
2007 August: 'Kate Nash' Video 'Mouthwash' Make-up designer for Kate & theatrical make-up & wigs for the cast of Starlight Express. Partizan. Director: Kinga Burza.
2007 June: 'The Thrills' Video 'Nothing Changes' Make-up designer. Partizan. Director: Kinga Burza.
2007 May: 'Bat For Lashes' The video: 'What's A Girl To Do?' Make-up, Hair, Costume & Tech-effect Designer. Blink. Director: Dougal Wilson.
2006 April: 'Bat For Lashes' 'Fur & Gold' Album cover & press shots. Photographer: Bohdan Cap
2005: 'Crazy P' Video: Sun Science.


(Make-up, Hair &/or Tech-effect costume):

2014: November: TopShop Christmas display

2014: April: Selfridges Display for the ‘Masters’ Theme

2011: (Throughout the year) Harvey Nichols

2011: (Throughout the year) Katharine Hamnett

2010: ‘Elvis Jesus’ Lookbook, Make-up Hair and Tattoos.

2010: 'Lady Gaga' Swarovski crystal mask for the Hello Kitty Anniversary shot by Markus Klinko and Indrani.

2010: 'kylie minogue' Half face Swarovski crystal masks for her 2010 Official Calendar shot & styled by William Baker.

2010: Maybelline New york Fashion Week Print Campaign.

2009 March: Superbock beer- photographic print campaign. Make-up & hair designer & Tech-effect costume headdresses. I designed & made 5 headdresses for 5 images inspired by food.

2008 Sept-Oct: Brintons Carpets Summer photographic print campaign. Following in the footsteps of Vivienne Westwood 10 years before, I designed and made the summer headdress & scene out of Brintons Carpets. Photographer: Uli Webber.

2008 September: Bottom Tattoo for COY!.

2008 August: Meadow Hall Shopping centre advert. Make-up, Hair, costume, special effects.

2008 July: Barcelona FA. Make-up, Hair, costume,

2008 February: La caixa Bank Campaign. 3 images of Kings & Queens. Make-up & period wigs and costume designer.

2008 December: Burn Campaign for Coca-Cola. Make-up Designer.

2007 May-June: Brintons Carpets Campaign, 3 images: Autumn, Winter & Spring. Following in the footsteps of Vivienne Westwood 10 years before, I designed and made 3 seasonal headdresses & scenes out of Brintons Carpets. Award winning. Photographer: Uli Webber.

2007 April: Smirnoff Vodka Diamond Campaign with Myleene Klass. Tech-effect costume designer. Created a Swarovski corset for Myleene Klass. Photographer: Uli Weber.

2007 January: AK Damn Beer campaign, Award winning. Marie Antoinette, Kaiser Chief characters & poodle. Hair, Make-up, wigs, facial hair & Tech-effect costume designer.

2006 December: Flower Headdress for Beefeater Gin Campaign. Tech-effect costume flower headdress. Photographer: Alan Clarke.

2005 Selfridges & Co 'Do you believe' Christmas Poster Campaign. Make-up, Hair & special effects designer. Application of prosthetic pixie noses, ears & facial hair. Production: Bill Charles & Mother.

Further photographic advertising history: Marks & Spencer, Oasis, Tom Wolf, Addict Clothing, Fenn Wright Mansion.


2014: American Eagle commercial with Daisey Lowe

2014: Benetton

2013: Finish Tablet Idents

2013: James Patterson Book Commercial

2012: Trident Gum Commercial

2011: ‘Johnny English’ Make-up & Hair for Rowan Atkinson - Film Junket

2011: June: ‘Durex’ Commercial ‘Agile’

2010: March: 'Iron Man 2' Viral film ad Campaign for Paramount. The Picture Production Company.

2010: February 'Avatar Playstation' advert. The Picture Production Company.

2009:November; 'The Watchmen' Period style viral commercials for the film, Make-up, hair & costume. The Picture Production Company.

2009: February: Nintendo Wii TV commercial: Professor Heinz Wolffs Gravity 'Everyone's a Genius'. Make-up & hair Designer & Special FX bald cap make-up for 5 characters.

2009 February: 'The Watchmen' 3 Period style viral commercials for the film, Make-up, hair & costume. The Picture Production Company.

2008 September: Alan Carr book advert for Harper Collins. Make-up, wigs & Character costume. The Picture Production Company.

2008 August: Jolen cream bleach Idents, make-up, hair & costume. The Picture Production Company.

2008 August: Nokia advert. Make-up & hair. Tomboy Films, Director: Richard Ayoade.

2008 January: 'Mummy Forensics' promo shoot. The History Channel.

2007 September: Playstation 3 advert. Provided prosthetic noses for 2 characters.

2007 November: McDonalds TV Advert. Make-up & hair. Knucklehead productions.

2007 July: 118 118 Advert. Knuckle head productions. Director: Ben Gregor.

Further History in TV adverts:
Radox TV campaign, (Musical style) Hair & make-up Designer, supervising make-up & hair team of 12 Make-up & hair artists. Also Tech-effect designer, I created 6 prosthetic dog masks for the commercial. Godman. Director: Ben Gregor. Idents & title sequences (prosthetic dog masks) for Headfuck (Sci-fi Channel) Promos for E4, SAW at Thorpe Park, Lady luck, Cuban Brothers V festival idents, John Freida, Baileys, Playboy, Epsom Printers, Propain, Abbey National, Clover Butter, SMA Milk, ‚ ¨SThe Zahir‚ ¨ù Paulo Coelho & other book commercials Harpers Collins, Schwartz, Alpen, KFC, Sky TV, Areobed, Comedy Idents for UK Gold. Promo for Eastenders with Michelle Ryan. Benetton.


2013: JFK documentary

2012 march: ‘The Charles Dickens Show’ Written & Produced by Louise Brealey for BB2

2011 September: ‘The Cockleshell Heroes’ Documentary BBC (Make-up & Hair Designer) 1930’s hair styles and facial hair pieces.

2008 April: Dr Crippen documentary for Channel 5. Designer of Make-up, Hair & Costume. Production: Films of Record. Director: Andy Webb

2006: May: Little Aliens, Children's show. Wag TV.

2005: 10 Top Ways - Series for Discovery Channel. Designer of Make-up, Hair, Prosthetic Make-up, Tech-effect Creature Creations & costume. Wag TV.

2005: November: Launch event in Paris for TV channel: France 5, for Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice To All creation

2003-2004: Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice To All creation. A 3 part series for Channel 4 & the Discovery Channel. Designer of Make-up, Hair, Prosthetic Make-up & Tech-effect Creature Creations. Production: Wag TV. Director: Martin Durkin

2002 'Sci-Fright' for the Sci-Fi channel Starring Rachel Grant Make-up, hair and special effects designer.


(As well as designing make-up, hair, special effects for Film, I also regularly do make-up, hair & grooming for film junkets & awards such as the Baftas).

2015: Januray: ‘Nipple Jesus’ a short film Directed by Jake Lushington, based on a story by Nick Hornby.

2011: October: ‘The Door’ A short film Directed by Andrew Steggall, based on the H.G Wells story, produced by Daisy Lewis, Motion Group Pictures, Starring Charles Dance, Harriet Waliter, Dudley Sutton, Tobias Menzies. Make-up ,Hair & Tech-effect Costume, white wings for the swan man.

2009 February: 'The Wonderful World of Death' a short film set in the1930's, starring Noel Fielding from the Mighty Boosh. Designer of Make-up, Hair, Prosthetic Make-up & special FX. Director: Nathan Wiley.

2008 May: 'The Wildest Dream' Feature film about the Everest climb by Mallory & Irvin in the 1920's. Make-up & hair, special affects make-up, (severe exposure, sun burn, ice & snow make-up). Filmed in the snow capped mountains of Chamonix.Production: Altitude films. Director: Tom Pollock. Executive Producer: Anthony Geffen.

2006 March: 'World of Wrestling' A short Comedy film starring Mackenzie Crook Kevin Eldon, Patrick Baladi, Justin Edwards, Kris Marshall. Make-up, Hair & Designer, wig making. Production: Knucklehead. Director: Ben Gregor. Written by: Tim Plester.

2004 August: 'Blake's Junction' a short Comedy film starring Mackenzie Crook, Martin Freeman, Jonny Vegas, Mark Heap. Make-up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer,

2003 June-August: 'The Sculpture And The Stone Man' live action & stop frame animation short, Designer of make-up, hair, special effects and model making. Director‚ ¨ù Salvador Arbuthnol. The National film & Television School.

2002 'Ant Muzac' A short comedy film starring Nick Moran, Mackenzie Crook, Gary Tibbs from Adam & the Ants. Make-up & Hair Designer. Director: Ben Gregor. Written by: Tim Plester

2001 'Auto-De-Fe‚' A short film directed by Tim Mercier, Produced by APT Films.

2001 'Black Sabbatical' short horror/comedy for the Sci-Fi Channel.Make-up & hair Designer, special effects. Directed by Alex Smith.

2001 'Nice' award winning short film written & directed by Ben Gregor. Make-up & hair designer.

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